We Design

That Designs The World.

This is us - the people and the magic we create together

Svensk Kodtjänst is building the software that builds the world.

We are a creative design and development company with our roots in service design, cx, ux, digital solutions and business architecture. Our collective of developers and designers with  a great passion for the construction industry, are spread all over the world. We create cloud-based construction management software that helps clients more efficiently build schools, hospitals, retail centers, airports, housing complexes, civil infrastructure and more. 

Spécialité de la maison - the house specials

In other words, this is what we do best and where we shine


Abbreviations that for most people are completely incomprehensible. Deep knowledge and experience in these areas is what sets us apart from the rest. We have great passion for the construction industry and are especially found of developing enterprise applications related to BIM, AR, AI, and Information Management and we perform at our best when we create upon Google Cloud and the JS stack – Firebase, NodeJS, Angular, GraphQL and PWA.

We create epic solutions thru poetic code, that drives digitization in the entire civil engineering, facility management- & construction industry. 

Our Why! - what drives us, what inspires us

People and planet is the ambition of our work, it’s our WHY!

The people are the very essence of Kodtjanst. Together we create magic and deliver value to our clients every day. We live and breathe transparency and community. With us, everyone has equal value and all ideas are welcomed. We work hard together and we have fun together. It is every individual’s right and obligation to tell whether we are steering the ship in the right direction or not.

Our misson is to evolve the construction industry so that no one, no where should be without roof over their head. Our elderly should reside where the feel at home and where their memory lives. And our children should be able to live, breathe and play in safe environments.

Profit is the proof that our clients shares this view.


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