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Abbreviations that for most people are completely incomprehensible, is for us what sets us apart from the rest.
We have great passion for the construction industry and are especially found of developing enterprise applications related to BIM, AIM, IoT and XR, and we perform at our best when we create upon the JS stack.

Smart City

A city is not a computer. Urban intelligence is more than information processing. So the question we gather around and try to find an answer to in our Smart City Designs is – 
What would a city look like if you started from scratch in the internet era,  if you built a city from the internet up?


Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality experiences for customer engagement, brand enhancement, and operational efficiencies.
Whether you want to visualize a concept for a client or if you want to streamline real estate maintenance with integrated FM systems and AR, we have a solution for you.


Once the power sat with the company; if a customer was unhappy, there was little they could do. Service design is a response to a shift in power. With Service Design we create service experience based on customer needs and with value creation in focus and it’s used to expand business offerings, defend brand ethos, and re-affirm customer loyalty.

Information Management

”The unbroken information flow” is todays hottest buzzword in the construction industry.
However, what is rarely spoken about is ”the broken value chain” in which one tries to achieve an uninterrupted flow of information. Unlike a manufacturing industry where one actor owns the entire process, the construction industry manages a variety of actors and stakeholders within one and the same value chain, hence broken!
The solution is a digitized process that overlaps and compensates for the natural gaps that arise between organizations. Some of these digitized processes are BIM, AIM, VDC and PLM. With CoClass as a classification and concept model, we can finally achieve unbroken information chain in a broken value chain.


We create native apps for IOS and Android as well as hybrid apps like Flutter, Ionic and Nativescript and they could be built on top of Firebase or full NodeJS as backend. 

Progressive Web Apps

Desktop Progressive Web Apps run in their own window. Having that installed, native feel, is important to users. Desktop Progressive Web Apps are launched from the same place as other desktop apps, and they run in an app window, without tabs or an address bar. They look and feel like other apps on the desktop.

E-commerce for
Brick & Mortar Services

The purchase of physical goods online was for many completely unthinkable 10 years ago. Today, large retail chains have to shut down in favor of e-commerce. What does tomorrow’s trade for service companies look like? We have some of the answers. The other questions can only be answered by your customers. One thing is certain, e-commerce for service companies will be as real as today’s e-commerce for physical goods.
So let’s test new ways and ask the right questions.
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